TDI Engineering, LLC is a full-service Structural Engineering firm with the ability to design with steel, concrete, masonry, wood, and light gauge steel.   Our “typical” projects are hotels, office buildings, retail, apartments, warehouses, etc.  We have experience providing blast design for both military and petrochemical facilities.  We are licensed in 35+ states and have experience with high wind loads, high snow loads, and high seismic loads.

Public Safety – relevant projects:

Fire Blast Global – Manufacturer of fire training apparatus that branched into whole building construction.  TDI Engineering, LLC designed 4 training facilities, one in Houston


TDI has designed projects with CMU such as convenience stores and service centers.


TDI has designed many structural steel buildings such as office buildings and retail facilities.


TDI has designed cast-in-place concrete structures such as mixed-use podiums and parking garages as well as assisted living facilities and hotels.

West Minster AL, Austin                                          Hyatt, Houston


TDI has been the EOR for many PEMB projects where we provided the foundation design and coordinated with the PEMB manufacturer.

TDI also designs with Light Gauge Steel and Wood Framing